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The delivery is in Digital format.
You will receive the license to be activated on the official website along with the activation and installation details.


PC TuneUp - scans your device after registry errors, unnecessary files, fragmented disks, and shortcuts with errors. Unfortunately, this tool will cost you extra money if you want to use it. We do not think PC TuneUp is just as useful to AVG clients as most of its features are already provided by Windows.

Turbo Mode allows one click to close over 70 unnecessary processes, speeding up computer speeds in search, gaming, or video sessions.

Deactivator program disables unused programs - programs that deplete the processor speed - without uninstalling them.

Startup Optimizer optimizes the startup process by identifying and sending recommendations on programs and services that can be shut down.

Startup Manager identifies and evaluates startup programs so that the user can decide which ones are essential and that only slow down the system.

Drive Defrag reorganizes files stored on your hard drive to reduce boot time.

Maintains running your computer at peak performance

Allows optimization and automated maintenance for your computer

The operating speed is good, but not when the computer is running fast once. AVG works continuously in the background to help the system work at top speed.

With PC TuneUp you get: Live Optimization, Auto Start-Stop Mode.

Live Optimization works silently in the background by prioritizing processes and applications running to increase upload speed and computer performance.

The Auto Start-Stop Mode allows all programs that have been deactivated by the Deactivator program to be reactivated with a single click. Once these programs have been used, they will be automatically disabled to minimize processor power loss.

Eliminates system jams and drops

The best way to solve computer problems

It's like having a doctor and a cleanser all the time at your fingertips. AVG helps find and repair and clean the gaps and errors that cause computer problems.

By PC TuneUp you get: Disk Doctor, Registry Defrag, Registry Cleaner, Shortcut Cleaner.

System failures, hardware failures, and power outages can lead to system file problems, problems that can prevent the system from booting. Disk Doctor helps prevent these problems by checking and resolving these issues.

Like a hard drive, the registry, as it grows and changes, is filled with loopholes. Registry Defrag reorganizes the registry to eliminate problems with accessing the database and to increase computer performance.

Registry Cleaner prevents system failures and startup errors by deleting or repairing compromised keys and other issues that crowd registers.

Shortcut Cleaner helps the user maintain a clean and cluttered desktop by moving non-functional shortcuts or blank folders on the desktop or home menu.

Increases battery life

Allows to reduce power consumption when the user is most in need.

Did your battery discharge completely just when you most needed it? AVG allows you to stop wasting energy for a longer running time.

With PC TuneUp you get: Economy Mode.

Economy Mode significantly prolongs battery life by reducing processor power consumption by shutting down unnecessary processes running in the background and by reducing the power consumed by various internal or external devices attached to the system.

Free up space on disk

It is the essential tool for ordering and cleaning your computer.

We all struggle with the disorder that exists in everyone's computer. AVG analyzes the computer and helps the user clean up all the junk collected by a few clicks. The result? A faster computer and more disk space for the user.

With PC TuneUp you get: Disk Space Explorer, Gain Disk Space.

Disk Space Explorer analyzes external and internal drives, finds 100 of the largest files that occupy the most disk space and allows the user to delete them.

Gain Disk Space frees up disk space and helps speed up your computer by deleting temporary files and web browsing history.

Leave no trace of deleting the most important files

Essential protection for confidential data

The "Delete" button does not always provide user safety. The Shredder button does it.