About Us

Who are we?

SC C&A Connect S.R.L is a company founded in 2007 with main activity telecommunications services, working with key partners in the global market. Since its establishment C & A Connect has built a rich past. With a low budget inception, little by little, I got that 2014 has been a huge growth with a turnover of 2 mil. euro and a significant profit.

C&A Connect S.R.L is a company that ethical principles in relations with our employees, business partners and not least with public institutions, business relationships with suppliers based on mutual respect, fairness and trust Faure thus relationships thus promoting long-term competitive behavior in socially beneficial.

How can we identify to be among the best? We begin by mentioning the following points criante:

  • A first aspect we denote recording of significant economic growth in both turnover and profit in what brings us into the top companies in Romania forehead giving us the major advantages over competitors and to impose market a company's brand image.
  • Increased prestige company is also due to better communication between the department and clients are offered in personnel services specialist quality standards.
  • We are official distributors in Europe in the field of digital PC games for firms: Nexon, NCsoft, Trion, CCP Games, Ankama, Perfect World and others.
  • We have our own servers which gives independent market ensuring maximum safety for proper service and prices in respect of quality and price.
  • Our employees and our products account for most valuable assets of the Company, and together, they exert tremendous force that can produce a significant impact on others.